Let’s encrypt free certificates

Let’s encrypt is a free certificate authority you can get your SSL certificate from, so there is no more excuse to serve your sites on insecure HTTP.

The procedure to obtain a certificate is completely automated and easy just follow their guides. I use nginx/Debian 8 which is not completely covered with automation they offer so there was a bit of manual work and figuring out how to do some stuff but not to difficult.

They do not give a wildcard certificate for now but you can take multiple regular certificates for each sub domain you host.

The certificates are valid for 90 days which is a short term but you can renew them, in fact, if you followed the guide you should have a cron job which will automatically renew the certificates just before they expire.

I tested the certificate with all the latest explorers and there was no warning that the site is not secure so that seems fine.

If you get stuck installing them feel free to contact me, maybe I can help in some way.

About me!

Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Stjepan Obrankovic and I am a software developer (programmer, whatever you want). This is my blog where I will write about my day to day work.

I decided to start my own blog because I feel that a lot is lost if I don’t write about stuff that I do every day, even to me. For example, one day I will configure nginx to host 3 sites over SSL or force Apache CXF clients to use authenticated proxy and next day I will not know anymore how to do it.

This blog is here to prevent that kind of things, it should be helpful to me and I hope it will be helpful to you. Also should be great self promotion which will help me to find new jobs and get very rich in the near future (dreaming).

I am not a native English speaker, I do live in English speaking country and work with native English speakers every day so I hope that my writing will resemble something English.

Anyway, that is all. Good luck.